Monday, May 16, 2011

...And in an instant it was over...

As you might be aware, I have been absent from this page almost since its inception.  My original intent was to share my photos with friends, but, almost immediately, this venue didn't seem quite right for that purpose.  I also didn't like the way my images looked on this page.  So, effective right...NOW, I quit.  That is not to say my images shall remain forever unseen.  Please check me out on  Search for "theattemptedphotographer,"  then take a look at my albums.  Here you will be able to leave comments, so lets hear 'em.  The album entitled "theattemptedphotographer's Album,"  theoretically contains all the other albums, but it now has only six images.  Click on any of the other albums for more images.  I will be loading older images as time goes by, and also loading new ones in a reasonable time after they are taken. 

I hope you follow me to Photobucket and enjoy my images enough to keep coming back. 


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Still Tinkering

I am still tinkering with the look of this page and it is fighting me at every turn.  As I continue the fight, here are some shots taken around Page, Az. 

Double click on image for larger image.

Blue Boats

Lake Powell sunrise

Lake Powell sunrise, too

Lone tree

Patterns,  Old Paria Rd.

Patterns 2, Old Paria Rd.

Patterns 3, Old Paria Rd.

Distant peak

A group of photographers is called an "exposure," right?

Around the bend at Horseshoe Bend

Colorado River at Horseshoe Bend

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Welcome to my blog.  Since I don't tweet, text, Facebook, etc, you are witnessing my first tentative steps into the 21st century with this initial post.  It could be something akin to witnessing a train wreck, but who could look away from that?  The purpose of this page is to share my photographs with my friends (and anyone who stumbles onto this page and returns again is a friend) and to improve my photography through critique of those who view my photos and through my own critique as I decide which to publish.   I hope you enjoy my first post, which consists of photos taken in Monument Valley earlier this month.

A Mitten

The Mittens and Butte


Buttes in setting sun

Mittens as sun sets

Butte and sunset

A different butte at sunrise

Mittens at sunrise

Totem Pole and dunes

Totem pole, dunes and tumbleweed

Totem Pole and windswept dunes

Windswept dunes

Sun's Eye

Petroglyph near Sun's eye

Wind's Ear

Wind's Ear, dead tree silhouette


House, buttes, clouds

John Ford Point

John Ford Point, dancing light

John Ford Point, again

Butte and sky at John Ford Point

Three Sisters at John Ford Point.  Also said to be a "W" for (John) "Wayne," or for "Welcome"

Road, buttes and sky on the road to Monument Valley